OpenSource CMS expanding in 2013

OpenSource CMS expanding in 2013

With many clients wondering whether to go for OpenSource or follow a web agency with their own platform. We’ve done a quick bit of research to work out what’s best in the long term…

OpenSource software has been around for decades and has been changing the web since the beginning. Previously, OpenSource had a reputation for being difficult and temperamental however, over the last few years, the huge number of developers adopting OpenSource platforms for client development has made a massive impact on ensuring that the platform is fully supported, up to date and evermore secure than once were.

Over the course of 2012, OpenSource software has had an evolution of developers and agencies creating some fantastic webpage widgets, layouts, and dynamic effects. Typically, the most common and easy for users to use being CMS software such as WordPress.

Open APIs and resources like Github have been allowing designers and developers to not only prototype layouts, but also animations and effects on the page. This includes the revelation of CSS3 (to those unaware the normal positioning of elements and modules within a page) creating fancy animated effects and transitions.

OpenSource is not expected to slow down anytime soon and, if anything, is set to become more popular, even more supported and evolve over the next year to utilise the other trends of Responsive Design, HTML5, theme and plugin easy management.

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